RMA Policy

DOA(Dead on Arrival)  
If the products are found Defect On Arrival, please inform responsible CHENBRO Sales Specialist of the defective status by e-mail with photo, description or, if necessary, returning a signified sample. Depending on the problem, CHENBRO Sales Specialist should be responsible for offering the best solution under both sides’ agreement. (e.g. replacement, discount, credit, rework, …etc)

The customer should ensure that the products are Defect On Arrival within three months from CHENBRO shipping date and the damages are not caused by shipping or failures resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, modification, improper operation, improper repair or rework. CHENBRO are not responsible for the cost of replacement including the delivery cost.

CHENBRO also reserves the right to examine the DOA products. If the damages of DOA products are caused by improper action as described above, the customer shall be liable for paying the related charge having occurred or paying the price of the replacements if the DOA products are totally discarded.
Obtaining a RMA number
When requesting a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, please contact respective CHENBRO Sales Specialists and describe the problems encountered in detail on the “RMA Request Form”. Error descriptions such as “does not work” and “failure” are not enough. We cannot start the repair without problem description information.

If you are uncertain about the cause of the problem, please contact CHENBRO Customer Service Department (email: support@chenbro.com). They may be able to find a solution so that you would not need to send back the products for repairing.
Returning the product for repairing
Please send the parts without accessories (manuals, cables, etc.). Remove any unnecessary components from the case, such as Motherboard, CPU or SDRAM. If you include these parts (because you believe they may be part of the problem), note clearly that they are included. Otherwise, we cannot be responsible for their return. Make sure the "RMA Request Form" is enclosed. The customer will bear the shipping charges, and we will bear the return charges. Attach an invoice to the carton. To save handling time, customer shall address the parts directly to the respective sales specialist and mark on the package.

List the value of the product on the invoice as zero (or a very low value). Otherwise, additional charges will be levied by customs (which will be borne by the sender). We suggest that you write “Goods with no commercial value are returned for repair” on the shipment invoice.
Service charges
CHENBRO will charge for repairing products if:

The product is repaired after expiry of the warranty period.
The product is tested after expiry of the warranty period, and a No Problem Found (NPF) result is obtained.
The product, though repaired within the warranty period, has been subjected to misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repair.
Product updates, reworks, and tests upon the request of customers who are without warranty.
Product is damaged beyond repair due to nature disasters, for example, lighting strike, flood, earthquake, etc.
After making the repairs, we will send you a “Performa Invoice” with the repair charges.
Repair Turn-around Time (TAT)
For products not manufactured by CHENBRO, they will be sent to the original manufacturers for repair. It will take reasonable working days.

The TAT may be delayed if the customer:
Does not sign and return the P/I within 48 hours.
Fails to pay the A/R within the due date.
Gives an insufficient error description, such as "does not work", "failure".
Has modified the original design of the CHENBRO product.
Delays a reply or fails to reply to a CHENBRO request for further information (such as application environment and configuration).
Repair service for phased-out products
CHENBRO offers a continuous repair service for one year after the date of announcement of the product phase-out.