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  • Channel Partner
    The Chenbro Channel Partner (CCP) program is created to assist distributors, system integrators (SI) and value-added re-sellers (VAR) in delivering our value efficiently. This program provides advanced product information, marketing materials, on-line RMA, technical support as well as product training. In here, Chenbro customers can get more exclusive services to grow their businesses.
  • Technology Alliance Partner
    Through the Chenbro Technology Alliance Partner (CTAP) program, our goal is to continuously innovate on new mechanical and electronic solutions with industrial ecosystem partners to ensure the success and satisfaction of Channel Partners. With pre-tested and recommended configurations, they can be benefited here from the ready-to-go platform to make business easier.
  • Solution Alliance Partners
    Based on the validated platform by CTAP, Chenbro Solution Alliance Partner (CSAP) can present their joint solutions in many industries, and the channel partners can learn those application stories or even find out better solutions than before. Here is also a communication platform where our customers and partners can share their experiences with each other to accelerate business growth.