Why Our ODM/JDM Service
Chenbro OEM/JDM services can be divided into two categories: the first is the service where Chenbro leverages its strong ability in manufacturing process and DFM (Design for Manufacturing) to solve a brand company’s issues in manufacturing, along with its expertise in supply chain management. The second is the customized service to meet the needs of customers, covering widely from concept to finished products, from product design, validation, to the very detailed parts of manufacturing.
Rapid Prototyping System EMC Lab Thermal Chamber Vibration Validation Signal Integrity

The core concept of Chenbro’s product design is to implement quality as early as from the research and development stage, combining the DFM ability and validation mechanism of each stage to form a full-feature quality assurance system. In addition to the physical measurement laboratories for thermal, EMI, and environmental testing, Chenbro actively deploys its software simulation capability to co-design and co-develop new products. By doing so, its research and development output can be quantified, its precious design experience can be passed on, and customers can have products in the market quickly with the minimized investment in the sampling stage and research and development schedule.
DFX Airflow and temperature analysis Chassis Impedance Static analysis Vibration analysis

For the past three decades, Chenbro has marketed its brands globally and accumulated many mold assets. The modular components are deeply rooted in Chenbro products and can be applied with extreme flexibility. Armed with years of strong alliance relationships with the industry leaders, Chenbro is confident and familiar with the technology trends. Facing with a market changing unexpectedly and rapidly all the time, Chenbro’s customers enjoy the stable quality of molds, a diverse selection of modules, and flexibility of customization which all accelerate their business success in the market.