RM235 Series (EOL)
2U Modular Multi-function Computing and Storage Chassis
It is a member of modular server featuring removable 2.5" or 3.5" HDD cage that has corresponding 12Gb/s Expander or passive backplanes.
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Features & Benefits
  • Modular 8-bay and 12-bay 3.5” HDD cages with 12Gb/s mini-SAS backplane
  • Modular 24-bay 2.5” HDD cages with 12Gb/s mini-SAS backplane
  • 12-port (3.5”) and 24-port (2.5”) mini-SAS backplane with or without expander
  • Built-in 3 x 80mm hot-swap middle fans
  • Fan bar with anti-vibration mechanism
  • Supports 2U single and 1+1 redundant PSU
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  • MB Form Factor E-ATX (12”x13”)
    Dimension (D x W x H) 699 x 432 x 88 (mm)
    27.5” x 17” x 3.5”
    Drive Bay RM23508 (3.5" Hot-swap):8
    RM23508 (Slim ODD):1
    RM23508 (Internal 2.5"):2
    RM23512 (3.5" Hot-swap):12
    RM23524 (2.5" Hot-swap):24
    Storage Backplane 12Gb/s mini-SAS or mini-SAS with expander on-board
    PSU Form Factor 1+1 Redundant or Single 2U
    Indicator 1 x Power Status
    1 x HDD Activity
    2 x LAN Activity
    1 x Fan Failure and Overheat
    Front Control 1 x Power On/Off
    1 x Alarm Mute
    1 x System Reset
    2 x USB2.0
    Cooling Fan Middle: 3 x 80mm (T=38mm), Hot-swap, PMW, Rear: 2 x 40mm (Option)
    System Security Intrusion Switch (Option)
    Expansion Slot Opening 3 x Full height and Full Length or 7 x Low Profile
    Net Weight 13.8kg
    Gross Weight 17.6kg
    Cubic Feet 4.72
    Container Loading (Single Packing) 20’: 211, 40’: 433, 40’H: 479
  • Category Description Revision Size Download
    Datasheet RM23524  Datasheet V1.2 1.8 MB
    Driver 6Gb/s SAS Expander with FW1401/0701, for Windows Server 2003 V1.1 576 Bytes
    Quick Installation Guide (QIG) RM23508 Quick Installation Guide V1.0 3.1 MB
    Quick Installation Guide (QIG) RM23512 Quick Installation Guide V1.0 3.5 MB
    User Manual 6Gb/s 24-port 2.5" mini-SAS expander backplane (80H10341802A0, 80H10341803A0, 80H17341801A0) V1.0 746.6 KB
    User Manual 6Gb/s 12-port 3.5" mini-SAS Expander Backplane(80H10323501A0), Rev.A0 V1.0 870.1 KB
    User Manual 6Gb/s 8-port 2.5" mini-SAS Backplane (80H10323406A0), Rev. A0 V1.0 362.2 KB
    User Manual 6Gb/s 4-port 3.5" mini-SAS Backplane(80H10321516A1), For 8-bay 3.5" Hot-swap HDD Cage V1.0 664.7 KB
  • Category Part. No# Description Support
    Front Panel, 2U, RM23508, Metal, Black(CC1012)
    Bracket, PSU, 2U, For R2IS7651A/R21S7871A
    Cable, mini-SAS, Internal To External, 650mm
    Power Supply
    PSU, 875w, 1+1 Redundant, Acbel R2IS7871A-G, 80+ Gold, PM Bus V1.2
    Slide Rail
    Slide Rail, 26“, P2P:24.0" to 36.3", Traveling Distance 16", Loading Weight 30 Kg, Tool-less
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  • Order Code M/B Front HDD Cage PSU Back Panel Slide Rail
    RM23500-L 12"x13" w/o HDD Cage Option 7-Slot, LP Option
    RM23508M2-L 12"x13" 8-Bay 3.5",w/6Gbps mini-SAS BP Option 7-Slot, LP Option
    RM23512E2-L 12"x13" 12-Bay 3.5",w/6Gbps Expander BP Option 7-Slot, LP Option
    RM23512M2-L 12"x13" 12-Bay 3.5",w/6Gbps mini-SAS BP Option 7-Slot, LP Option
    RM23524E2-L 12"x13" 24-Bay 2.5",w/6Gbps Expander BP Option 7-Slot, LP Option
    RM23524M2-L 12"x13" 24-Bay 2.5",w/6Gbps mini-SAS BP Option 7-Slot, LP Option