8-bay 2.5’’HDD Hot-Swap with PCIE 3.0 or 5.0 Backplane
SK62801 is designed with standard mounting holes for converting 2 x 5.25’’ drive bays into 8 x 2.5’’ NVMe/ SATA hot-swap hard drive bays.
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Features & Benefits
  • Support three types of backplanes: Gen3/4T4S/Gen5, enabling compatibility with different motherboards to cater to a broader range of application scenarios.
  • Suggest using Chenbro tower server SR113 and SR115, easy to install
  • Back-mounted 80mm fan to deliver optimized cooling performance
  • HDD failure and activity indicators on each hot-swap drive carrier
  • Compatible Chassis: RM41300, RM42300, SR113, SR115
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  • Dimensions (Dx Wx H) 250.7mm x 146mm x 84.1mm; 9.87" x 5.75" x 3.31"
    Drive Bays 8 x 2.5" HDD Tray
    Cooling Fans 80 x 38 (1)
    Material SGCC
    Net Weight 1.35 kg
    Backplane SK62801 (NVME N8 Gen3): 8Gbps NVME Gen3
    SK62801 (4T4S Gen3): 4T4S 8G NVME Gen3 + 12G SAS/SATA
    SK62801 (NVME N8 Gen5): 32Gbps NVMe Gen 5
    Connectors (To Drive) SK62801 (NVME N8 Gen3): 8 x SFF 8639 (SAS 68P)
    SK62801 (4T4S Gen3): 4 x SFF 8639 (SAS 68P)/ 4 x SFF 8680 (SAS 29P)
    SK62801 (NVME N8 Gen5): 8 x SFF 8639 (SAS 68P)
    Connectors (To Host) SK62801 (NVME N8 Gen3): 8 x SFF 8621 (OCulink4i)
    SK62801 (4T4S Gen3):4 x SFF 8621 (OCulink4i)/ 2 x SFF 8643 (Mini SAS HD 4i)
    SK62801 (NVME N8 Gen5): 8 x SFF-TA-1016 (MCIO 4i)
    Package Cotents SK62801 (NVME N8 Gen3): 1 x SK628, 1 x Power extend Cable, 1x Screw PKG
    SK62801 (4T4S Gen3): 1 x SK628, 1 x Power extend Cable, 1 x Screw PKG
    SK62801 (NVME N8 Gen5): 1 x SK628, 1 x Power extend Cable, 1 x Screw PKG
    Order Code SK62801
    Cable Options Due to the variation in MB connector type, it will not include a cable option
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