Start With Us
No matter how rough an idea is initially, Chenbro’s well-trained and seasoned product managers can always clarify the needs of a customer and transit it to a product quickly.
The scope of our services covers the following five categories:
  • From a FRQ to a finished product
    Only the world’s leading EMS companies are offered with this service where customers provide all the design specifications, required quantities, drawing images, and other related information. Chenbro contributes in return design of proposed changes and mold expenditure to assist customers with seamless service from design to manufacturing.
  • From a concept to a finished product
    Customers can acquire satisfied support and advice even when a product is still in the idea generating stage. Once clarifying requirements, product managers will find out theclosest combination from Chenbro’s vast database for customers’ reference. For those that are different from the demanded specifications and require customization, we will give our suggestions with the consideration of cost, time and after-sale service.
  • From drawing to a finished product
    We will review product drawing from a customer as a whole and propose design and manufacturing advice whetherit is complete or partial. In addition, we own the most popular 2D, 3D, and rendering tools in the industry and can directly work on most drawing from customers, so there is no worry for customers about incompatible files or time delayed due to file conversion.
  • Modified from Chenbro’s Products
    Chenbro possess both the capabilities of molding and soft tooling in its manufacturing process, so it can work on the modification with or without changing the molds. Thus an ideal product can be incubated in a short time.
  • Appearance modification
    Customers only need to slightly change the appearance of Chenbro’s products like color, logo print, and packing before creating a unique product of their own. Due to thechanging market demands, our professional product managers will assist to complete requirement changes step by stepand make it to formal documentaccording to the following requisitions from customers:
    The designatedPantone color
    The designated material for logo plate
    Company logo