2U Expandable Short Depth Edge Computing Server Chassis
RM252 MIO is an ultra short-depth server chassis that supports up to 2 server GPGPU usage with various HDD backplane solutions (SAS/SATA & NVME Gen4) for surveillance and 5G telecom usage.
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Features & Benefits
  • 450 mm ultra-short chassis fits various environments and minimizes footprint.
  • Flexible to support 1(option) or 2 GPGPU(Default).
  • Optimized I/O design for machine learning in edge sites offering up to 2 full-height butterfly or one full-height six low-profile PCIe expansion slots for GPU/FPGA accelerator cards.
  • HDD supports six port SAS/SATA or two port NVME with four port SAS/SATA with more flexibility.
  • It equips with the latest tool-less design, system fan support 8025/8038/8056 multiple fan options.
  • Support normal 7-slot M/B and 6.5-slot MB with patented rear bracket window.
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  • MB Form Factor SSI EEB (12” x 13”), CEB (12” x 10.5”), ATX (12” x 9.6” ) (For 1U height MB and heatsink, do not support 2U standard I/O shielding, MB I/O height limit maximum 31.47mm)
    Dimensions (D x W x H) 450.0 x 438.0 x 87.0 mm; 17.7” x 17.3” x 3.4”
    Drive Bays 2.5" HDD, Hot-Swap, Front :6
    PSU Form Factor 1+1 1200W CRPS PSU
    Indicators 1 x Power Status, 2 x LAN Activity, 1 x UID, 1 x HDD Status, 1 x System Alarm
    Front Control 1 x Power On/Off, 1 x System Reset, 1 x UID, 1 x USB 3.0
    System Security Intrusion Switch; Key Lock on the front door
    Cooling Fans 4 x 8038mm Fan, Hot-swap (T up to 56mm, Rear)
    Expansion Slots •(MIO) GPGPUx2, LPx1
    GPGPU left : 1x left 2U x16 to x16 FH Gen5 riser card insert in slot 6.5 or 7 MB
    GPGPU right: 1x right 1U x16 to x16 LP Gen5 riser card insert in LP slot 5, and 1x right 2U x16 to x16 FH Gen5 riser card insert in slot 6 MB
    •(MIO) GPGPUx1, LPx6
    GPGPU left : 1x left 2U x16 to x16 FH Gen5 riser card insert in slot 6.5 or 7 MB
    HDD Backplane •2.5” 6-Port 12Gbps SAS/SATA
    •2.5” 1 x 2-port PCIe Gen4 NVMe + 2.5 2 x 2-port SAS/SATA
    Net Weight 9.5 KG/PCS
    Gross Weight 12.5 KG/CTN
    Cubic Feet 2.8
    Container Loading (Single Packing) 20' FCL: 208 PCS / 40' FCL: 448 PCS
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    Datasheet RM252 MIO Datasheet v1.1 376.5 KB
  • Product category Part. No# Description Support
    Riser Card
    380-30900-1602A0 1U x16 to x16 LP riser card (Right) For Edge (Gen5)
    Riser Card
    380-30900-1702A0 2U x16 to x16 FH riser card (Right) For Edge (Gen5)
    Riser Card
    380-30900-1802A0 2U x16 to x16 FH riser card (Left) For Edge (Gen5)
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