RM238 Series
2U Versatile General Purpose Dual Sockets Server/Storage Chassis
Innovative and user friendly tool-less design, best fit for broad range 24-7 business applications require.
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Features & Benefits
  • Flexible SAS/SATA or NVMe solutions fit for your today or tomorrow workloads
  • Supports M/B size up to 12" x 13"
  • Easy service tool-less 2.5" / 3.5" HDD trays
  • Supports 8-bay, 12-bay or 24-bay 2.5"/3.5" HDD cage for wide work load use.
  • Optional rear 2-bay 2.5 HDD cage for OS drive ( SAS/SAT ) or Cache (NVMe) buffer use
  • Diversified 12Gb/s HDD backplanes suit for flexible system configurations
  • Built-in up to two front access USB3.0 ports
  • Supports up to four 80 mm hot-swap middle fans with smart fan control via backplane
  • Easy-conversion 3-slot / 7-slot rear window
  • Supports 2U CRPS 1+1 or single PSU
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  • Form Factor 2U
    MB Form Factor E-ATX (12”x13”)
    Dimensions (D x W x H) 658.2 x 438 x 87 (mm)
    25.92" x 17.24" x 3.42"
    Drive Bays RM23808 (3.5" Hot-swap):8
    RM23808 (Slim ODD):1
    RM23808 (Internal 2.5"):2
    RM23812 (3.5" Hot-swap):12
    RM23824 (2.5" Hot-swap):24
    Optional 2.5" (Hot-swap) for OS:2
    RM23800 (5.25" Open-bay):2
    RM23804 (5.25" Open-bay):2
    RM23804 (3.5" Hot-swap):4
    PSU Form Factor 1+1 CRPS (80+ Platinum) or 2U Single
    Indicators 1 x Power Status
    2 x LAN Activity
    1 x UID
    1 x HDD Status
    1 x System status
    Front Control 1 x Power On/Off
    1 x System Reset
    1 x UID
    2 x USB3.0
    System Security Intrusion switch (Option)
    Cooling Fans Middle: 3 x 80 mm (Up to 4), PWM (Hot-swap & Non Hot-swap)
    Expansion Slots 7 x Low Profile or 3 x Full Height
    HDD Backplane 12Gb/s Mini-SAS w/ or w/o Expander Or NVMe x4, x8 Port on variant combinations
    Net Weight 11.5kg
    Gross Weight 14.0kg
    Front Bezel Option
    Cubic Feet 3.3
    Container Loading (Single Packing) 20': 200, 40': 460, 40'H: 506
  • Category Description Revision Size Download
    Configuration Guide RM238 Series Configuration Guide v1.1 519.9 KB
    Datasheet Datasheet_RM238 series with NVMe solutions V2.0 19.5 MB
    Product Brief RM238 Series Product Brief V1.0 378.1 KB
    Quick Installation Guide(QIG) RM238 Series QIG V1.0 12.7 MB
    User Manual RM238 Series User Manual V1.1 V1.1 6.2 MB
  • Product category Part. No# Description Support
    Bezel, 2U, Metal w/o Key-lock, Black
    Bezel, Front w/ Key-lock, Black, RM237/238
    Cable, Power Cord, 3-Pin, 6ft, 120V USA
    HDD Module
    HDD Cage, 2-bay 2.5 w/12Gbps SAS & SATA Backplane, 2* 650mm SATA III Cable
    HDD Module
    HDD Cag e2.5" 2-bay, Hot-swap, w/2-port NVME Backplane, and Mylar Air Duct
    HDD Tray
    Tray, HDD 2.5", Tray (Tool-less)
    HDD Tray
    Tray, Mix, 3.5" HDD Tray (#383-14655-3039a0), Tool-less, RM14604
    Rail, Simple Rail Long, RM143/RM146/RM133 (MOQ=8)
    Rail, Slide Rail, Tool-less, 3 Section, 3A5612784, RM238
    Slide Rail, 32.8“, P2P:26.3" to 36.9", Traveling Distance 30.7", Loading Weight 30.8 Kg, Tool-less
    Rail, Ball Bearing, 2-Section, Tool-less 23
    Riser BRKT
    Bracket, Rear Window (FH), Riser BKT + Screw Type, 3-Slot, RM238
    Riser Card
    For 2U, 1-Slot, PCI-e x16 riser Gen4
    SK, 1x2.5"HDD Bay in Slim ODD Cage,w/12gb/s SATA BP
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  • Order Code M/B Size USB 2.0 Middle Fan HDD Backplane PSU Rear Window
    RM23804T3RP5 EATX 3.0 x 1 3 x 8038 8-port 3.5" 12Gb/s Mini-SAS HD 550W CRPS 1+1 1-slot, LP for Single 2U PSU
    RM23808M3FP7U1 EATX 3.0 x 1 3 x 8038 8-port 3.5" 12Gb/s Mini-SAS HD 700W Single 7-slot, LP
    RM23808M3RP8U4 EATX 3.0 x 1 3 x 8038 8-port 3.5" 12Gb/s Mini-SAS HD 800W CRPS 1+1 7-slot, LP
    RM23812E3RP8 EATX 3.0 x 2 3 x 8038 12-port 3.5" 12Gb/s Mini-SAS Expander 800W CRPS 1+1 7-slot, LP
    RM238N20T4-RC00L EATX 3.0 x 2 4 x 8038 2 x 8-port NVME, 4-Port 4N/8T Tri-Mode 12Gb/s 1200W CRPS 1+1 7-slot, LP
    RM238N24-RC00L EATX 3.0 x 2 4 x 8038 3 x 8-port NVME 1200W CRPS 1+1 7-slot, LP
    RM238N4T20-RC00L EATX 3.0 x 2 4 x 8038 1x 8-port 4N/8T Tri-mode NVME, 16-port SAS Exp. BP, 12Gb/s 1200W CRPS 1+1 7-slot, LP
    RM238N8T16-RC00L EATX 3.0 x 2 4 x 8038 1 x 8-port NVME, 16-Port SAS Exp. 12Gb/s 1200W CRPS 1+1 7-slot, LP