Welcome to CHENBRO at Computex 2013

Taipei, Taiwan—May 29, 2013— ”Back to Basics, Alliances to Excel” is highlighted as the theme of Chenbro 30th anniversary. “Back to Basics” means listening to and understanding clients from the deep heart and advancing own technology; “Alliance to Excel” means pursuing the excellence and prosperity together with its industrial partners and creating more values for clients. This year at Computex, Chenbro will co-operate with its alliance partners and have an untraditional way of showcasing, focusing on the applications answering to what’re the most concerned in the industry. Visitors are welcome to stop by to know more about Chenbro’s latest innovations and techniques.

Chenbro Art and Technology
The high-quality manufacturing and design capability is the competitive advantages of Chenbro. In order to better present its hard-core capability, Chenbro will demonstrate its stamping mold technology, injection mold technology, sputtering technology, optical coating technology, and product design techniques. While the stamping and injection mold technologies alone with its product design techniques are the main competences for cloud computing servers, the sputtering and optical coating technologies are those for consumer products like mobile devices.

Furthermore, Chenbro realizes the importance of humanity and has been a long-time sponsor for charity and art groups in the past 29 years. By proactive participation of all staff members, Chenbro has cultivated an aesthetic sensibility and integrated it into its corporate DNA. This year, it also sponsors art groups like Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company to preserve the beauty of the Taiwan’s traditional workmanship as well as to infuse more creativity and forefront thinking in Chenbro’s future product development. A string-operated puppet show will perform on schedule with a specially-edited script in the booth.

Data Center Solution – Simple, Dedicated, and Power-saving
Chenbro’s data center series features its power saving and high density designs. First, its computing server chassis can tolerate an ambient temperature up to 47.5゜C, which spares the power bills for air-conditioning. For high density computing and storage purpose, the showcased 2U server chassis supports up to 8 GPGPU cards, and its 1U counterpart supports 12 x 3.5 hard drives. Besides, a 42U cabinet will be demonstrated with the IP KVM and intelligent power management modules from its alliance partner.

High Performance, High Density Storage Solution – Ideal for Data Consolidation
Chenbro 12Gb/s hot-swap backplanes, combined with Seagate 12Gb/s 2.5” solid state drives and PMC 16-port SRCv 12Gb/s Raid on Chip (ROC) silicon best interpret the high speed storage. Given the fact that the 4U storage chassis remains the main stream and its capacity and density keep increasing in the market, Chenbro will demonstrate a series of 4U chassis of 48 bays, 48 bays in short form factor, and 60 bays in the show.

IPC Solution – Highly Modularized, Highly Customized
Industrial customers have exceptionally diversified requirements which are hard to satisfy. Yet, no such problem to Chenbro as its IPC series can fulfill these requirements with its unique modular designs. In the show, Chenbro will showcase chassis for Intel and Gigabyte NUC motherboards in different applications as well as chassis tailored for industrial automation, surveillance, and digital signage from cooperation with its partners. The monitor arm products from ChenSource with industrial touch panel computers will also be shown in the booth, providing one-stop shopping and consulting service for clients.

SMB Solution – Making Server Business Easier
Given the shrinking of PC market and the replacement of PC by tablet computers, PC distributors in the emerging markets are seeking transformation to step into the server field, and the tower server is a feasible way to start with. Chenbro partners with motherboard and power supply vendors to launch a series of server chassis for SMBs, lowering the threshold and create more values for clients. There are also series from entry-level to high-end for the promising graphic workstations.

Education Solution – From AIO concept PCs to Mobile Computer Room
Chenbro’s education series, mainly PC chassis, has been prevalently used in schools. Responding to claims for computer room security and requirements fulfilled for students of all ages, Chenbro and ChenSource together launch laptop trolleys for tablet and laptop collection and electricity charging, PC stands that integrate desktop computers and accessories, and AIO stand that can be freely adjusted to fit different viewing angles. Last, by integrating the video capture cards of AVermedia and projectors of AVer, Chenbro can construct a total teaching video solution so as to minimize the leaning gaps in schools.
More details will be disclosed in Computex 2013 at #I0608, 1/F, Taipei World Trade center NANGANG Exhibition Hall in June 4-8, 2013.

Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company
Established in 2000, Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company is the professional performance team of Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum, which has been a relentless promoter of Taiwanese culture for more than ten years. Its official Website: http://www.taipeipuppet.com