Chenbro Unveils 4U Mainstream-level Tower/ Rackable Workstation and Server Chassis that Supports Low to High Workloads for AI/GPU Applications

Chenbro Unveils 4U Mainstream-level Tower/ Rackable Workstation and Server Chassis that Supports Low to High Workloads for AI/GPU Applications



Taipei, Taiwan, May 2022 — Chenbro (TWSE: 8210), a pioneer in designing and manufacturing own-brand rackmount systems, is excited to announce SR115 mainstream-level tower/ rackable workstation server chassis to enable a wide variety of enterprise server applications. Equipped with a multi-drive cage design option and effective thermal performance for two double-width GPU applications, it is the ideal workstation that supports low to high workloads for AI/GPU applications.



As AI technologies proliferate, GPU servers are booming and have become a trend in the server market. SR115 is the general-purpose server and is also positioned as a workstation to fulfill the demands of small to mid-size enterprises. Its flexible workstation deployment can support more applications, from low to high workloads. The rackable tower server chassis design of SR115 brings a rackmount and pedestal stand-alone application for seamless inclusion of new technology to any environment. Chenbro brings together powerful computing and storage options in a single 4U server chassis design to establish high-efficiency and cost-effective solutions for reducing deployment time in an IT environment.



The SR115 links with Chenbro’s reference motherboard program and features a multi-server board support, including EEB (12” x 13”), ATX (12” x 9.6”), and MicroATX (9.6” x 9.6”). With 2 x 5.25” media bay and 1 x 3.5” drive bays, the SR115 can be equipped with one internal 4-Bay HDD cage with a plastic dummy cover, and one external 4-Bay HDD hot-swap module for expandable storage. Additionally, it can convert the 2 x 5.25” media bay module to 8-Bay 2.5” SAS/SATA hot-swap module for maximum configuration flexibility.



SR115 provides flexible PSU support: ATX/PS2 and 1U CRPS in parallel / 2U CRPS. It can be a single ATX PSU or redundant CRPS 1+1 (1200W support 2 x GPU). In addition to the middle 120mm (2600RPM) hot-swap fan, two optional rear 80mm fans (4500RPM) are dedicated to offering additional cooling for the ideal system thermal behavior. The chassis structure design benefits better airflow and fan installation for effective thermal performance.



With expandable storage and 8 PCIe slots to support more I/O applications, further at two double-width GPU capacities, SR115 is ideal for the mainstream-level workstation. Chenbro provides an efficient and productive workstation solution, whether in a rack or a stand-alone pedestal, which can be explicitly configured for all organizations.



SR115 features a multi-drive cage design and supports two double-width GPU to meet the demands of AI, data computing, and digital content creation. With SR115, reliability and performance make it ideal for professional visualization, photorealistic rendering, 3D simulation and animation, scientific simulation and analysis, data computing and analysis, etc. SR115 is now available to buy from Chenbro and Chenbro’s channel partners. For more information, please visit



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