4U 17.5" Compact Industrial Server Chassis
With entire isolated anti-vibration cage, dust-proof filter, and compact size make it perfect for space-sensitive industrial applications.
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Features & Benefits
  • Supports M/B up to 12” x 9.6”
  • Available for rackmount and stand-alone installation
  • Dedicated 80 mm fan for HDD cooling
  • Truly isolated anti-vibration design on internal HDD and drive cages
  • Card retainer to hold low profile and full height add-on cards
  • Front 120mm fan with filter for add-on card cooling
  • Optional second 3 x 5.25” drive cage for maximum configuration flexibility
  • Supports 1-door or 2-door front bezel configuration
  • Supports PS/2 single or mini-redundant PSU
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  • MB Form Factor ATX (12” x 9.6”)
    Dimension (D x W x H) 465.2 x 430.0 x 176.0 (mm)
    18.32” x 16.93” x 6.93”
    Drive Bay External 3.5":1
    External 5.25":3
    Internal 3.5":4
    Slim ODD:1
    Storage Backplane N/A
    PSU Form Factor PS/2 Single or 1+1 Redundant
    Indicator 1 x Power Status
    2 x LAN Activity
    1 x HDD Status
    Front Control 1 x Power On/Off
    1 x System Reset
    2 x USB2.0/USB3.0 (Option)
    Cooling Fan Front: 1 x 120 mm (T=25 mm), PWM,
    Rear: 2 x 80 mm (T=25 mm) (Option)
    System Security Intrusion Switch (Option)
    Key Lock on Front Door
    Expansion Slot Opening 7 x Full Height
    Net Weight 9.5 kg/20.93 lb
    Gross Weight 12.3 kg/27.09 lb
    Cubic Feet 3.44
    Container Loading (Single Packing) 20': 192 ,
    40': 432 ,
    40'H: 504 (Single + Pallet)
  • Category Description Revision Size Download
    Datasheet RM42300 Datasheet V1.3 7.4 MB
    User Manual RM42300 Quick Installation Guide V1.1 443.4 KB
  • Category Part. No# Description Support
    Front Bezel, 4U, One-Door, RM41300/RM42300
    Front Bezel, 4U, 2-door, RM41300/RM42300
    Drive Cage
    Drive cage, 3x5.25", For Rackmount, RM41300/RM42300
    Drive Cage
    Drive Cage, 3 x 5.25" Bay, For Tower Application
    80mm, 3P3C, T25, Ball Bearing, L650mm, W/Finger Guard/Screws
    FAN Module, 120x25mm
    Foot Stand
    Stand alone Kit, 4pcs/set, for RM42200
    Foot Stand
    4pcs/set, w/cabinet ear, for RM41300/RM42300
    6-Port Fan Control Board,  w/Alarm Mute & Fan Extend Cable
    Rear Window
    Rear window, 15-slot, w/slot brackets, RM41300/RM42300
    Slide Rail
    26“, P2P:22.1" to 35.8", Traveling Distance 27.5", Loading Weight 45.0 Kg, Tool-less
    Slide Rail

    20“, P2P:23.6" to 34.1", Traveling Distance 27.7", Loading Weight 27.0 Kg, Non Tool-less

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  • Order Code M/B USB PSU Back Panel Slide Rail Front Panel
    RM42300-D 12"x9.6" 2 X USB 2.0 Option 7-Slot,FF Option w/o Bezel
    RM42300-F2 12"x9.6" 2 X USB 2.0 Option 7-Slot,FF Option 2-Door Type
    RM42300-F2U3 12"x9.6" 2 X USB 3.0 Option 7-Slot,FF Option 2-Door Type